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How Glasgow City Mission help homeless & vulnerable people and disadvantaged families in Glasgow

These are issues, this mission sees every day in Glasgow.
Yet there is hope!
Glasgow City Mission is passionate about demonstrating God’s love by making a practical difference for the poor and marginalised, offering unconditional acceptance and a hope for the future.
This mission work alongside vulnerable people that are often leading chaotic or difficult lives, and help them to break free from their oppressive situations.

Our City Centre Project supports over 250 men and women each day.

Evenings are an opportunity to provide basic needs where a hot meal is served to all and relationships are established and nurtured.
During the day, the centre provides a range of innovative opportunities to bring out the best in people.
These include art and cooking classes, showers, a gym, and internationals work, to further education and jobs clubs.
Our trained staff and compassionate volunteers also provide invaluable one-to-one support.

A Man:
“I came here a lot of times when I was starving.
Just needed some friendship, people to talk to who were in the same position as me.
I started going to this bible class and This mission started reading the New Testament.
It gave me a lot of strength to move on.”

In recent years, this mission has begun The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter – an emergency shelter for people who have no alternative but to sleep rough.
Working in partnership with like-minded organisations, this mission delivers a much-needed lifeline service for the coldest months of winter.
In the morning, this mission will connect people to housing, healthcare, and to our city centre project so that underling issues can be tackled.
The root causes of many of our guest’s situations can often be traced back to traumatic childhoods and difficult family situations.
That’s why This mission also undertake important preventative work through our Child and Family Centre.

Located in Lint house Govan, a community with one of the highest child poverty rates in Scotland, the Centre seeks to give children the best start in life through our nursery, playgroups, after school’s clubs and parenting support workshops.
Many of these families are just coping and it often only takes one additional pressure for the family to move into crisis.
This mission is passionate that prevention is better than cure, and by investing in strengthening families, helping children and parents to grow in confidence and become ‘life equipped’, This mission is reducing the likelihood of them needing our services in the city centre.

A Lady:
“This place has never been just a nursery, it’s for the whole family, the whole community.
It gives the child and their parent and their family members a place to go, a place to be comfortable, happy and safe and join in with things that they maybe wouldn’t ordinarily get a chance to be involved with.
They can sit and chat to somebody, they can have a cup of tea and then they find out, we will there’s cooking classes on, we do ‘keep fit’.
I learned sign language here. I learned how to use a computer here.
They love everything about it and the carry it on through their lives because they remember, this is what I’m going to do.
It gives them a confidence and a comfort about themselves that all children need.”

Glasgow City Mission has changed dramatically yet our values remain as true today as they did when This mission began back in 1826.
This mission will continue to fight against poverty and injustice.
This mission wants to see our city and its people flourish, where people are accepted and can experience real change in their lives.